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Alfred KDM Sitting In: Blues Guitar (+ DVD)

Alfred KDM Sitting In: Blues Guitar (+ DVD) Lehrbuch

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Lehrbuch · Kategorie: Saiteninstrumente · Instrument: E-Gitarre · Format: 21,0 x 29,7 cm (DIN A4) · Seitenanzahl: 80 · Erscheinungsjahr: 2015 · inkl.: DVD · ISBN: 978-1470623654 Soloing is an important part of your playing, but practicing on your own doesn't always get the creative juices flowing because there is nothing quite like the experience of sitting in with a full band. Since jamming with other musicians is not always possible, Sitting In: Blues Guitar brings the band to you! Practice comping patterns and soloing with the same energy you get with a real, live band. Expert guitarist Jared Meeker leads you through all the tips and techniques you need to give life to your practice sessions, inspiring you to add new sounds to your growing blues vocabulary. The DVD-ROM includes MP3 audio for every song mixed with and without solo guitar. The included TNT 2 software is a perfect practice tool since it lets you customize audio tracks for practice. Use it to slow down tracks, isolate and loop parts, and change tempos and keys.


About the Author
Appendix: Music Theory and Scales
Buckingham Fountain (200 BPM Swing)
Buckingham Fountain (Chicago Blues in E Minor)
Clarkco Park Blues (100 BPM)
Clarkco Park Blues (Southern Blues in G Minor)
Dinosaur Valley (105 BPM)
Dinosaur Valley (Texas Blues in D)
Golden Gate Blues (105 BPM)
Golden Gate Blues (Rock Blues in C-sharp)
Great River Road (150 BPM)
Great River Road (Southern Blues in G)
How to Use This Book
Introduction to Blues Harmony
Lafayette Square Blues (80 BPM)
Lafayette Square Blues (Funk Blues in B)
Marquette Park Blues (150 BPM Swing)
Marquette Park Blues (Chicago Jazz Blues in A-flat)
Millennium Blues (135 BPM Swing)
Millennium Blues (Chicago Blues in F-sharp)
Mississippi Greenbelt (60 BPM)
Mississippi Greenbelt (Southern Slow Blues in B-flat)
Mustang Island (120 BPM Swing)
Mustang Island (Texas Blues in E)
Oak Mountain Blues (135 BPM)
Oak Mountain Blues (Funk Blues in F)
Pedernales Falls (180 BPM)
Pedernales Falls (Texas Blues in A Minor)
Regent's Park Blues (97 BPM)
Regent's Park Blues (Rock Blues in C)
Rio Grande Blues (120 BPM)
Rio Grande Blues (Texas Blues in E-flat)
Woldenberg Park Blues (70 BPM)
Woldenberg Park Blues (Funk Blues in A)
Working with the Play-Along Tracks

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